Season 2

Season 2

S2, Ep18 Apr. 1999When She Was Bad 8.3 (3,007)  RateBuffy returns from summer vacation sporting an attitude and suffers from recurring nightmares involving the Master. Meanwhile, the Anointed One and his followers plot their revenge.

 Watch on Prime Videoincluded with PrimeS2, Ep214 Apr. 1999Some Assembly Required 7.2 (2,827)  RateTwo science club nerds use body parts to create the “perfect girlfriend” for a teenager who has been brought back from the dead.

 Watch on Prime Videoincluded with PrimeS2, Ep315 Apr. 1999School Hard 8.9 (3,172)  RateBuffy’s mother and friends become trapped inside Sunnydale High School when a vampire named Spike launches an attack against the Slayer on Parent-Teacher night. S2, Ep46 Oct. 1997Inca Mummy Girl 7.3 (2,850)  RateAn Incan Princess mummy is reanimated in Sunnydale where she sucks the life force from others in order to stay alive. S2, Ep513 Oct. 1997Reptile Boy 7.3 (2,800)  RateBuffy and Cordelia attend a frat party where they are offered as human sacrifices to a reptile-like creature. S2, Ep628 Oct. 1999Halloween 9.0 (3,415)  RateOn Halloween, Buffy and her friends patronize an unusual costume shop where customers turn into whatever costume they are wearing. S2, Ep74 Nov. 1999Lie to Me 8.4 (2,919)  RateBuffy is lured into a trap by a group of undead wannabes who hope that Spike will make them vampires in exchange for giving him the Slayer. S2, Ep811 Nov. 1999The Dark Age 7.9 (2,700)  RateGiles’ past comes back to haunt him as a demon he and Ethan Rayne summoned in their wild youth seeks them out in Sunnydale. S2, Ep918 Nov. 1999What’s My Line?: Part 1 8.4 (2,778)  RateSpike brings in three professional bounty hunters to eliminate Buffy while she ponders on what her profession might be if her fate wasn’t already sealed.

 Watch on Prime Videoincluded with PrimeS2, Ep102 Dec. 1999What’s My Line?: Part 2 8.7 (2,818)  RateBuffy joins forces with another Slayer in hopes of saving Angel from the clutches of Spike and Drusilla.

 Watch on Prime Videoincluded with PrimeS2, Ep119 Dec. 1999Ted 7.6 (2,874)  RateBuffy’s mom introduces her new boyfriend, who charms everyone except Buffy. When she confronts his dark side, she is left questioning her actions.

 Watch on Prime Videoincluded with PrimeS2, Ep1216 Dec. 1999Bad Eggs 6.5 (2,776)  RateBuffy and her friends encounter even more trouble than expected when the eggs they are given in health class turn out to be prehistoric parasites that take over their lives. S2, Ep136 Jan. 2000Surprise 8.7 (2,976)  RateTo give Buffy a surprise on her 17th birthday, Drusilla and Spike bring together the body parts of a dismembered demon who cannot be killed. S2, Ep1413 Jan. 2000Innocence 9.3 (3,400)  RateBuffy and her friends battle the Judge and face unexpected danger from Angel, who has lost his soul after experiencing a moment of true happiness. S2, Ep1520 Jan. 2000Phases 8.2 (2,707)  RateBuffy and her friends discover secrets about themselves as they battle a werewolf, its hunter, and their own emotions. S2, Ep1627 Jan. 2000Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered 8.8 (3,289)  RateAs Valentine’s Day approaches, Xander tries to improve his love life through witchcraft and finds himself with too much of a good thing. S2, Ep173 Feb. 2000Passion 9.4 (3,702)  RateAngel steps up his torment of Buffy and her friends as Jenny searches for a way to restore his soul. S2, Ep1817 Feb. 2000Killed by Death 7.6 (2,751)  RateWhile hospitalized with a severe case of the flu, Buffy battles a demon that sucks the life out of sick children. S2, Ep1924 Feb. 2000I Only Have Eyes for You 8.6 (3,077)  RateSunnydale High School is haunted by the ghosts of a former student and teacher who reenact their tragic romance through the bodies of the school’s current inhabitants. S2, Ep202 Mar. 2000Go Fish 6.6 (2,789)  RateMembers of the Sunnydale swim team are killed by a gill monster of unknown origins. S2, Ep219 Mar. 2000Becoming: Part 1 9.2 (3,241)  RateAngel plots to revive an ancient demon bent on sweeping everything on earth into hell itself.

 Watch on Prime Videoincluded with PrimeS2, Ep2216 Mar. 2000Becoming: Part 2 9.6 (3,892)  RateSpike strikes an unlikely alliance with Buffy to keep Angel from destroying the world.